Monday , September 26 2022

"Ikea" withdraws the extended table "glivarp"


"Ikea" received feedback from customers about the expansion of the table and the fall.

They invite all customers who have milk and white "glivarp" to extend the product to the Ikea universal store with full refund or to replace it for a similar product.

They say it does not require any proof of purchase.

"The factories have a serious approach to product safety, all of our products have been tested and complied with applicable legal standards and requirements." Despite this, we received customer notifications to expand part of the separate and abandoned "glivarp" tables, "Ikea said.

There is a risk of extending the party beyond the table, which can lead to its decline, "says Sindi Andersen, head of the kitchen and meals at Ikea Ov Sviden.

"Customer safety is a priority, which is why we decided to withdraw these series as a precautionary measure," Andersen said.

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