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Live: Partizan at +10 in the third quarter


The players from Partizan from the seventh round of the ABA League in the "Aleksandar Nikolić" Hall welcome the Cibona team.

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Photo: Starsport

Photo: Starsport

ABA League, Round 7:

Partizan – Cibona
Hall: "Aleksandar Nikolić"
Viewers: 6,000
Referees: Pukl, Nikolic,
Partizan: Paige, Si, Marinkovic, Gegic, Pecarski, Gavrilovic, Braun, Zagorac, Jankovic, Lendejl, Gagic, Nikolic.
Cibona: Bilinovac, Uljarević, Ljubicic, Marić, Bundović, Gilbert, Novacic, Rozic, Slavica, Rejli-Ros, Jefferson, Markota.

Blacks and whites want to win a series of victories after the arrival of coach Andreea Trinkijeri and will win the third consecutive triumph.

Since the Italian managed Nenad Čanka to lead the team, they were defeated in Mega Bemaks in the ABA League (84:71), while the Trenta team won 76:71 in Evrokup.

Both teams come with a score of at least three wins and the same number of defeats, while the Zagreans have a slightly better difference in basketball and are in fourth place.

You can watch the text transfer of the match on our site:

Quarter III:

28"- Lack of failure, Zagorac finally hit three points again, the advantage is again with two digits, 64:54.

27 & # 39; – Amar Gegić made a foul, Ljubicic used both throws for 58:53. Vanja Marinković misses his shot but the ball saves out of the net. After that a real foul, And Nikolic goes in instead of Gegic and Marinkovic, while Jefferson hits one of the two throws for 58:54. Fortunately, Zagorac's work affects a new Troika, Partizan is on seven plus, 61:54.

26 & # 39; – Markus Paige brought Partizan plus four, then Marinković rose to 57:51. Cibona's coach, Ivan Velić, called for a delay. Partizan's technique for coach Cibona uses both throws, 58:51.

25 & # 39; – Vanja Milinkovic made a personal mistake, Zlatko Bilinovac's blade was scored in three and gave him an attack they did not use. The hosts took 50:51 but John Lendale resumed the trophy for 53:51. He was alone in the shooting, there was no mistake.

24 & # 39; – Bilinovac was alone in the three shot, scored and scored the advantage of Partizan, 50:48. Then Bundovic received technical assistance. Gegić made a mistake in the next attack on Partizan.

2. 3– Good Partizan defense. Guests do not use the attack, time has passed and Lendale takes 47:42. Then hit the new lost ball of the players Cibona and Gegić, Partizan heads with 49:42. Cibona then scored two points, and in the next attack, Bundovic was precariously in front of the penalty point just once, 49:45.

21 & # 39; – Reli-Ros scored the first points below, Cibona reduced to 45, 42, and Marinkovic missed three points shot.

Quarter II:

20 & # 39; – The first triple Vanja Marinkovic, 43:38 but Bundovic's entry under the basket brought a new point to the guests. Eventually, Banda Si hits Zicer for 45:40 and passes half with the advantage of a plus five – 45:40.

19 & # 39; – Bundovic hit two throws, we are back in the balance of results. As for the score, it's all in series.

18 & # 39; – Filip Bundovic reduced Partizan's advantage to 40:34 and Jankovic lost the ball into the attack. Fortunately, the number of bugs at the beginning of the match has been reduced. Bundovic scored new points for the mini series at 0: 6, now 40:36.

17 & # 39; – Novačić made a foul in the attack, it was a classic breakthrough. Trionkieri asked for a time-out at 40:32

16 & # 39; – Bandza Si! What a dick for 38:28! Partizan also scored a bonus after Gegiiga's score, and Markota scored 38:30. Marinkovic under safe basket for plus 10, 40:30.

15 & # 39; – Cibona finally broke the black series at 25: 0, but Aleksej Nikolic scored 13 points. His new triple for 36:26 with four balls stolen to this point. Then Ljubicic hit two throws for Cibon, 36:28. Zagorac caused the crime Dominique Gilbert, he entered the guests in a bonus.

14"- Cibona in a series of failures, unlike Partizan.Rad Zagorac hit two throws for 33:23, the biggest advantage of blacks and whites.

13 & # 39; – Nikolic's army gave the host the advantage of 31:23. The series continues, Partizan has dispersed, the public is standing.

12"- As Partisan leapt from lethargy!" A great reaction after a latent start. "The 21: 0 series led Trinkieri's team to six at the end of the 12th minute of the match Zagreb men were shocked by the progress of the parquet .

11 & # 39; – Two triads of Paige, two Nikolic, black and white finally water, 26:23. The band rose from the penalty and scored a new shot for 29:23.

And quarter:

Photo: Starsport

Photo: Starsport

10 & # 39; – What kind of Partizan, 15: 0! For now, Zagrepcana's advantage has melted, primarily due to a series of three-point hits. At the end of quarter 23:23.

9 & # 39; – Paige! Triple for 17:23, was made a mini series of 9: 0. Again, the same player in the next attack hit three and now only a three-point advantage for the guests, 20:23.

8 & # 39; – Zagorac hit both throws and then a bad attack on Bundovic in attack. Lendale lowered at 12:23, Zagorac reduced the attack, and Uljarevic lost the ball and Nikolic scored for 14:23! Eventually blacks and whites move more offensive. The timer asked coach Cibona to interrupt host mini-series.

7 & # 39; – Ljubicic hits the three new ones, Cibona does not give up. Part of the mistakes of Partizan's basketball players in the attack phase are very deconcentrated. Markota again remotely, a new triple guest for plus 15 and 8:23.

5 & ​​# 39; – Partizan is on the bottom 11. Marinkovic is rewarded by Rozic, and Jankovic from the semicircle does not hit. Trinkiers introduced the Sija game and Zagorac stole the ball for a new black and white attack. The impression is that it has to be better. Finally, Zagorac scored the first points for 8:15.

3"- The guests are playing without error." Angry start, Ros scored 3-0 for 0:12, and Gegić scored the first points in Partizan after three minutes, on the contrary, Lendale scored the basket, and then took advantage of the additional throw. 5:12.

2 & # 39; – Markota hit the troika and so Cibona took 7: 0. Partizan fails at all in a few attacks, and Lendale, after losing the ball in a previous attack, attacked offensive. Rozić basket for 0: 9 blasted the black and white alarm and Andrea Trinkijeri asked for a stop time.

1 & # 39; Basketball players in Cibona broke. Marko Ljubicic led to Zagrebers, Lendejl lost the ball, and Reilly Ros increased to 0: 4.

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