Saturday , May 28 2022

Nadezhda told her what the Moon had done for her while the cameras did not register, and found she would sue for it! | telegraph


Singer Nadezda Biljić, who escaped from the Cooperative, will sue the Lion Đogani for alleged physical violence, although no one has seen her in front of the cameras.

Nadezhda claims that when the quarrels have argued with her, she has done it, and a snapshot of this situation will be sought as evidence.

"The moon hung in my heart, I had an inner blade, no one saw it because it came after two days," said Nadejda, adding that Moon is just a victim:

Luna, Printskrin: Youtube / Cooperative Official

"The fact that the Moon jumped over the guarantee that she would joke and cry out to me, of course, I will return it." I understand why she defends her brother and kisses someone to attack him. But if she had gone with my brother like me with her and followed her as a family member, I would get my hand and take them to the bar and make them speak until it solves problems. The first plan of Cooperative 1 is that it is a victim, and the other aggressors can tell the mother and father.

– I consulted with the judge to see what the law says and file a lawsuit against any person who offended, cursed me and threatened me and the Moon. There are beautiful records about Jutjub, I have evidence, "says Nadejda.

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