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Novak Djokovic registers: trophy with grenade, Sunday number one in the ATP list


Novak Djokovic returned this morning to the first place of ATP, exactly two years after losing Andy Murray in the last match of the season – the final of the Masters Cup in London – and gave him the flattering title "Number 1".

In that match, followed by the most dramatic period of his career and a downward slump in 22nd place in June this year, Scott won the first finals of the ATP season, and in 30 he became the oldest tennis player to received "Count 1" and Serbian after four consecutive titles of the final tournament of the season recorded the first defeat in the final and finished the third stay at the top of the list after 122 consecutive weeks.

Columns are already "full"

While he does not say he has enough run, when we know how to remind him of tennis, Novak's candidacy for the best of all time is very accentuated and there are some very prestigious successes – he is the only player in history who won all the ugly rivals and master tournaments in the era of the two giants, with a total of 37 "magi" against whom there is a positive score in the mutual duel. He reigns in 2011, and especially in 2015, is even more impressive than the "golden" season of Federer and Nadal.

After a week when one of the best classic tennis rivals won the 25th in his career, for the second and third time he "left" the top spot in the leaderboard and lost his fifth title in the last six tournaments played, Djokovic will continue where he stopped in the year when he scored "Nole Sleme," the long awaited win at Roland Garros, an absolute record of 17,000 points on the ATP list, then a two-year crash and ended with Rolan Garou in June.

From a symbolic point of view – two years later and at the same place as the "crown" of another big rival – Novak has his fifth career opportunity to finish the season as "No. 1" and to ensure practically at least 30 weeks in the first place, because …

ATP Top 5:

1. Novak Djokovic 8.045
2. Rafael Nadal 7.480
3. Roger Federer 6.020
4. Juan Martin Del Potro 5.300
5. Aleksander Zverev 5.085

roger federer Novak Djokovic paris master 2018 đoković
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Whether it dropped just 565 points in front of the eight tournament awards, the title without a group defeat would be worth 1,500 points, if Djokovic had "winter" in front of Nadal in 2019 alone, he had problems in keeping this advantage and, amplified. Of course, provided they are rounded by lesions and be in shape.

The lack of ice and the wrong choice of the closest associates after his separation with Marjan Vajda and Boris Becker means that Djokovic will only defend 1,055 of the 9,000 possible points by the end of Roland Garros, the beginning of Queens in June, only at hierarchical and master level, without appearing in tournaments such as Doha, Dubai, Acapulco, Barcelona, ​​Eastbourne, etc.

It's exactly that season of the season when Novak was dominated years ago, starting with the Australian Open, over Indian Wells and Miami, after which he was usually the second best during the season on the "claws" behind Rafael Nadal.

How long will the last DOMINATION last?

The most successful ATP tennis players in the decade:

70: Bjern Borg (3)

"80: John McEnroe / Ivan Lendl (3)

& # 90; Pit Sampras (6)

Roger Federer (5)

Novak Djokovic (4/5)

The Spaniard will defend a huge number of points this season in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Rome and Paris, after which we will know what the power report is in front of the second half of the Djokovic season, it is already clear that a task as only the biggest champions of Montreal, Cincinnati, US Open, Shanghai and Paris will defend 6,990 of the 8,500 possible, in two weeks we will find out how much they expect in London and there will be places for possible "fresh" points in Montreal who fell in the eighth finals and Beijing, who jumped this time.

The "budget" ATP list for a year before is a serious assumption, but one thing has become almost an axiom in men's tennis 2011-2016 – when it's healthy and ready, a Belgrader can lose a two-week sprint for a grenade trophy, but not a ATP marathon for nearly 11 months.

Eventually, if he was more than a year old, he would have to become the first tennis player in history who gave up the Top 20 in the same year and returned to the top, which would be the argument arguing that 2019 will not be happy to pick up everything she shed all over the globe waiting for Marianne Weid to return?

In front of him there are 8,000 points before entering the field of herbs in Queens and Vimblon, where in 2011, symbolically, became the player no. 1, and in the next three ATP trombe "management" gathered 224 weeks in top where he was the fifth most successful player in history Federer (310), Pita Sampras (286), Ivana Lendla (270) and Jimmy Connors 268), before Nadal (196), John McIntyre (170), Bjerna Borga (109) and Andre Agassi (101).

All Novak's dominance:

53 **** 4 July 2011 – 25 May 2012
48 **** November 5, 2012 – 23. 9. 2013.
122 ** June 23, 2014 – 2November 7, 2016
1 ***** 5. 11. 2018. –

Novak was, at the same time, accustomed to mention him in the company of the greatest legends of this sport, few of whom characterize his more impressive successes.

Last "Number 1" of tennis players at the end of the season:

2008 Rafael Nadal

2009 Roger Federer

2010 Rafael Nadal

2011 Novak Djokovic

2012 Novak Djokovic

2013 Rafael Nadal

2014 Novak Djokovic

2015 Novak Djokovic

2016 Andy Murray

2017 Rafael Nadal

2018 Đoković / Nadal

In the race for the record of the most prestigious category, the number of titles won, Djokovic's task became more difficult because the two-year crisis was used by Federer (20) and Nadal (17), who won five "midfielders" (14), but everything we witnessed in defeating Đoković by Mark Čekinat in Paris says the mission is not yet possible.

Novak for the five Grand Slam trophies required six goals in six months from January 2015 to June 2016, and the current delay for Federer does not seem so irreproachable, just like the 86-week, which is just a little more for a year and a half.

How long will this last "rule" of Novak Djokovic take? We hope to be more than the previous one, although at the same time it is possible to be the most convincing shortest time – two weeks!

For this, Nadal, who withdrew to Paris and has no title in London, should be better than a rival with five titles of the six final of the season's closing ceremony.

Good luck, no!

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