Friday , May 20 2022

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Although two days ago she had operated a tumor on her chest, Kia Cocker had already appeared on the Pinck Stars, a showcase program for the youngest, where she was hired as a jury member.

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Kia Gambler

The decision of the co-op winner to appear on the record after being edited by a colleague Aleksandar Cvetkovic from "Tropiko Band" in one show surprised many, and Kia explained what caused him not to sleep bed and rest, but to dress and make the pre-arranged obligation.

"If my mother sleeps whenever she is tired, worn or exhausted, I would not have had a snack," Kia said, pointing her mother, Nadica Zeljkovic, as a lifestyle model, at the moment what she grew up as a single mother.

– She is my example in my life. I do not have to work now, but it's in my blood. It's in my education – she pointed out Kockareva that the production of "Pinck stars" did not ask her to appear on the record, but that she was just her decision.

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