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Republic / Horror and Horror in Požega! Eighth woman attempted suicide in the toilet, her mother accused her teachers of maltreating her


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Fortunately, the girl did not succeed in her intention, and Hadrović said she addressed more occasions to schools and teachers and that she was in conflict with them because of a lack of understanding. She says she filed a complaint against the school and against these teachers.

– The daughter has been challenged. The art teacher deliberately drank temperament, and when she called for the end of her time, she stopped my daughter and told her to clean the floor. The child tells her that she is not her job, and the teacher tells her she was distracted by the time. They have repeatedly reported that it was not in time and it was – says mother.

She adds that the physical teacher, who is her daughter and class leader, has repeatedly told other children that she is fat and that she can not therefore skip a goat.

– Whatever happens in school, I blame her, and every time I cry, the baby has a nose. A Serbian professor told me he had to spit because he was deaf! They call kids fighting bulls, cattle, screaming at them, do not let them go out of class after the bells. Almost all of these teachers convinced all teachers that my child showed someone a middle finger and not that has been confirmed by the whole class. The daughter was extremely emotional, all she experienced, which had a negative influence on her, Diane said.

– I still can not come to me! Last week he found a piece of glass in the school yard, went to the bathroom, and cut the wrists on his left hand. Fortunately, she contacted me and sent me a picture of what she did. I went to school, called urgency and police.

After a miserable event, Diana arrived with her daughter in a hospital in Belgrade where the doctor had a conversation with N. Đ. The doctor concluded that there was no need for detention, and Diana refused to leave her child in the hospital.

– The doctor said he had to go talk to a psychologist. She did what she did, I do not justify it, but I can not close my eyes on the things my daughter suffers, "says Diana, concluding:

– The baby is better now, but, believe me, when he's sleeping, I wake up four nights to see if he's there. I will not give up, I will fight for the rights of my child!

School principal: The lie is that the child suffers from violence

The director of that school, Ana Radisic, says this is a complicated situation and that it starts from domestic violence:

– The mother who calls her baby hit a slap when she came to her while she was hurt. There is nothing to talk about. He does not suffer violence at school, it's a total lie and it's silly. Professionals work here, have nothing to do with the connection. We took all the measures and everything in our power, I would not be more.

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