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Some of SOVI see another! VAJAR was a good intention to remove Kikindi: John makes a new sculpture (PHOTO) | news


KIKINDA – Jovan Blat, a famous Kikinda sculptor, donated the city of the owl and the largest winter owl in the world, an original symbol of monumental dimensions.

In terracotta, he made a stylized set of owls, 2.4 meters, at a circular course at the entrance to Kikinda.

photo: S.U.

However, after only a few days, they found not only a few of the sculptures associated with various things, even the male body.

Slobodan Kojić, director of the Terra Center for Fine Arts and Applied Arts and Terra Cotter Terra Cotter designer Terra, tells Curier that these comments are easy to say, inappropriate and inconclusive.

photo: S.U.

"I have to say that this stylized sculpture of the owl was not made by an amateur." Jovan Blat graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Timisoara and then a master, and our intention was to introduce Kikinda as the largest urban owl in the world. Because of this phenomenon, the BBC team also visited Kikinda on two occasions, and it is incomprehensible that there are "imaginative" people that this sculpture is associated with something else, unfortunately it has always been there. many have different associations, so in every factory they see a complete male body, "Slobodan Kojić for the Curier is clear, while the author of the sculpture, Jovan Blat, does not want to deal with negative comments.

Sculpture Rug

In 2009, our experts found that in the center of Kikinda, the largest turmoil on the planet, up to 743 owls, is winter. The BBC team at the beginning of the year recorded a story about the famous Kikinda owls and did so in 2015. Milan Ružić, president of the Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia, deserves the most to popularize Kikinda as the largest urban owl habitat in world:

– I saw a sculpture before it was still publicly exposed. I can say that it seems phenomenal and that, to my knowledge, this is the largest owl sculpture in Europe. I would not use words about foolish comments. Make everyone work to do something beautiful for your city. Then we can talk – Ružić is clear.

He previously confirmed that about 500 kilograms of clay were spent on his production and that he plans to make a new sculpture.

"I finished this sculpture in May last year, but I had to make a week last week and I would like to make a real owl to replace the stylized present, it could come in the spring, and the owl green owl will be lifted between two 2.4 meters, "revealed Jovan, who once made the legendary legendary caricature and came to the idea after the Rolingstones concert. The event was led by Mike Jagger and Kit Richard and played on Iggy Pop, John Bon Jovi, Elvis Presley and Tina Turner.



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