Thursday , March 23 2023

THE BACKGROUND IN THE VILLA NEEDS! Lakic safe: Ivan Marinkovic is himself NANEO BREAK! EVO ZAŠTO! | stars


Ivan Marinkovic and Djordje Tomic had a fierce accusation in the middle of the villa, "Parova", after which the Baki B3 pulled out the thick end, trying to prevent physical violence.

"I have no problem with Ivan, as I commented many. I was attacked by Schmizla because I addressed Ivana last night, I tried to calm him down and I did not say Lakic to a word … Everyone is responsible for their actions, I do not support violence I did not stop on any side, but the truth is that Marinkovic was looking for a fight. I'm sorry that Djolui reacted like this, but my God, I pulled the thicker end because I was a crazy who tried to stop them, "Baki said on the occasion.

On the other hand, Nikola Lakić, Marinkovic, the eternal enemy angry, claims that all this has been conceived, and here and for what reason.

"I felt it," he began, emphasizing that he knew the two would come to a conclusion and continue: "The next day, I told Đoleta to challenge him, Ivan was a target from the beginning ".

"Ivan is ready for everything, believe me, I give him a hand that hurt this morning, hit in a dream, that Đoleta can be thrown later." If he really got a beating, he sat in a corner, and he got up and provoked everything in order, saying, "Come on, who's next," says Lakic.

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