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THE EMOTIONAL REPRESENTATION OF THAT AMERICAN INITIATION ASH: Casey adopted an autistic girl from Serbia, and now she is just one! (PHOTO) news


"My husband and I already had three children, or we did not plan to adopt, but when I found out about Sofia, I heard a voice that said," This is your daughter, go after her. "Seven months later, we were together.

This is how American Casey Calvarezi, who adopted a child from Serbia eight years ago, then Sofia, a five-year-old girl with autism.

And now, after so many years, she craves her emotions and weeps when she remembers how she and her husband, Chad, have become parents of Sofia. Of course, no one names the name by name. "Daddy," or as Keysy says, "ta-taa," Sofia told her, and this is the only thing Calvary family calls now, not just children and even friends and neighbors.

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"A friend adopted a child from Serbia and sent me the biographies of the other children who are waiting to be adopted. He told me that if I know someone who wants to adopt, I share it to help a child" I am the only one who told me: "It's your daughter. Go for her.

Patronage and caterers are America

Then Sofia was five years old and was in the foster home for two years. She spent the first three years of her life in an orphanage that, after her mother, Casey, had a very bad influence on the development of a girl.

Calvary adopted Sofia in April 2010, fortunately they managed to get another child, a very frustrating time.

– I had no idea how hard it was and how much it would hurt when a child grew up in an orphanage. I did not speak Serbian, she did not speak English. He kept talking and talking, and I did not understand. Wherever I drank. Sofia says something, I repeat it, so I find myself in the dictionary and I repeat it in English.

It lasted months, but persistence was paid. Sofia spoke English fluently until that Christmas year. And she, learning to speak, taught and read at the same time for five years when she did not even know the Cyrillic alphabet. Sofia is extremely intelligent, constantly repeats mother proud Casey.

"We have not forgotten the Serbs, we have many Serbian friends, because in Florida, where we live, the Serbian community is big, so Sofia is talking to them." We also learned a lot of Serbian words and we use them, "we go" in the house, "Father," Sofia sometimes surprises her, says "I want ice cream," then stopped, thinking, "Why did I say that in Serbian? " He asked for ice cream in English, "says Casey.

And as to how Sofia matches her older sister and siblings, Casey says, as if she were from a cannon: as a younger sister, she is removing them!

– Sofia is very close to the oldest Kiro, who studies and lives two hours away from us, but every day we hear it. Brothers, as brothers, worship and everything they want for them.

A proud mother, with excitement, speaks about her own children and so on about Sofia and does not even stand out. Casey shows how her younger daughter is good and intelligent, and she probably would not have said it was different, so I did not ask.

Sofia is a person with autism, goes to a school for children with autism and works well when working in a small group. Each of the eight children in her class has her assistant, she does for Sofia, because she loves her attention and demands attention.

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Although he had read all the books on this subject, he could come in and see a bunch of lectures and workshops, from the conversation with Casey, yet he seems to think that the cause of the communication problems he had originally with Sofia was, First, she grew up in an orphanage.

However, now Sofia has already grown, is 13 years old and is a puberty "tree".

"It's a teenage girl, she goes into puberty and she starts enjoying her boys. Now it happens that we play, play, we are happy, and she suddenly begins to cry and says," Mom, I do not even know why am I sad? "I laugh, I say," You are 13, you are, "laughs Casey.

The biological family

I talked to her about the origins of Sofia, and the story of a biological family is pretty confusing for her younger daughter.

"She says," You are my mother and Elsa is my mother. "Elza was her adoptive child, while Sofia was in Serbia and was constantly asking them.

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Her mother left her at birth

Biological mother of Sofa gave birth at the age of 46, 47 years. She suffers from schizophrenia and left the baby at the hospital immediately after birth. She is currently housed in a house in Belgrade and is very bad for her. She has lived on the street for a while, Casey explains.

However, on the mother's side, Sofia has biological brothers and sisters who are now adults in the thirties.

– I had all the information about them, what they call their birthdays. I found them on Facebook, but for a long time I was not sure if I wanted to contact them. Then one day I wrote a message to everyone, that if their mother is that woman, then they have another sister and she is with us and we love her. I sent the other summers from Sofia. However, no one answered and I knew they were the ones who were. No one!

It's been two years since Casey found a bunch of friendship requests and messages on the email box one morning. Apparently, since they were not friends on Facebook, the messages they sent were sent to the spam box. Only two years later one of the brothers accidentally saw Kasey's message and alarmed the others.

Bios and sisters want to meet with Sofia, but so far they have only spoken through a video call.

"We tell him that they are brothers and sisters like the ones he lives with, but he is confused." I think they think of them as the children who were with them in the parental care system.

However, Sofia continues to talk about Serbia and wants to come, and Mom and Dad intend to fulfill this wish.

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