Tuesday , June 28 2022

The postman was beaten in Cacak | The Mondo Portal


The posters of Motif 3 in Cacak were beaten in a neighborhood near the cattle market when they were delivered to the post office.

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Photo: MONDO / Stefan Stojanović

He was transferred to the hospital in Cacak, where he was given medical assistance and was placed in the surgical department.

"There are injuries and cuts in the head area, but there is a good overall feeling," said Dr. Biljana Kocovic, spokeswoman for the Cacak hospital.

Ljubic's postal manager confirmed that the attack on the postmaster took place in Sajmiste, not far from the Cacak cattle market.

"I called the police to pick up the bag and the bicycle, but when I got to the village I was shocked by the scene. I saw three police cars and numbers on the ground and blood," said Vladan Vukosavljevic,Voice of Western Serbia. "

The beaten postmaster's colleagues said the beaten boy had just begun to work.

"He sent them a correspondence and beat him in blood. We are considering a protest, because this has gone beyond all normal limits," said one of the postmummies colleagues.

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