Sunday , November 28 2021

The Republic / Milica merged the current and former friend!


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Milica Todorović and Rade Kovačević

– Milica's current partner and former partner were alone for a few moments, while the singer talked to Sasha and congratulated him at the opening of the restaurant, then enjoyed wine and good music. Todorovićka was later prepared for a meal with her present partner and a few friends, with whom she spent all the time visibly moody and smiling – the source from the site tells us.

Former cooperative revealed to my roommate: Mina is about 300 dinars!

Todorovićka remained in good relationship with former boyfriend Rad

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Miloš Paunović and Rade Kovačević

To recall, pop singer invested over one million euros in his private business and worked on this project for over a year. In addition to Milica, singer Ana Kokić, singer Adil Maksutović, composer Damir Handanović and model Dejan Živković appeared at the opening.

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