Wednesday , May 31 2023

Today is moderately cloudy, dry and warm


    Today is moderately cloudy, dry and warm

Today, in Serbia today, it is mainly moderately cloudy, dry and warm, only in Timocka Krajina, morning and afternoon with cloudy rainfall, the Republic Institute for Hydrometeorology announced.

The wind will be weak, moderate and strong in the central area, southeastern, south of Banat with stormy storms. The lowest temperature ranges from 10 to 17 and the highest is 22 to 26 degrees Celsius, only in Timocka Krajina it will be colder, about 18 degrees.

In Belgrade today it will be moderately cloudy, dry and warm. The wind will be moderate, sometimes strong, in the southeast. The lowest temperature is about 15, and the highest is 24 degrees Celsius.

Biometeorological conditions are still unfavorable in cardiovascular and asthmatic patients. Care for caution in mental illness in the eastern and northeastern parts of the country. Meteoropathic reactions are possible in the form of headache, nervousness and muscle pain.

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