Thursday , March 23 2023

A nutritionist told me how to compensate for the lack of vitamin D in the autumn


Dietician raskasal, how to compensate non-vitamin DWhat to do when the sun is not enough.

Eggs, liver, long walks – what else helps to produce the hormones of happiness.

Beginning in September in the body of most Ukrainians begins to increase the deficit of an important vitamin important hormone – vitamin D.

This vitamin affects the functioning of the whole body, not just for healthy bones and teeth, as many believe.

If vitamin D is sufficient, which means:

– Health and well-being.

– A positive effect on the heart and blood vessels.

– Body weight gain that often occurs in autumn and winter and to promote rapid weight loss.

If enough vitamin D is to prevent:

Diabetes 1 and 2 types.

– Multiple Sclerosis, especially in women with 40%.

– Inflammation of various localizations, osteoporosis and psoriasis.

– Many cancers: breast, pancreas, and intestines.

– Macular degeneration of the retina, the main causes of blindness in the elderly.

I recommend people who are little in the sun to take vitamin D supplement. This is best done with maximum food intake during breakfast if you eat twice a day or during lunch three times.

There is a health risk, you lose everything and rather on the street!

The territory of Ukraine is situated between 44 and 52 degrees north latitude. This means that from the end of October until the beginning of spring, vitamin D in the body is not practically synthesized (only partially), meaning "winter" for vitamin D lasts six months of the year.

Therefore, a very important source at this time of the year should be foods enriched with vitamin D: egg yolks, cod liver oil, oily marine fish are the main sources and the best.

I do not recommend a visit to the sun – they are inefficient and unsafe. Sunlight bulbs emit UVA, which increases the risk of melanoma (skin cancer) and blocks the synthesis of vitamin D in your body.

However, make sure you go outside and allow the sun to "work" with the skin – light is needed for serotonin synthesis, so its education was more intense in the morning and sunny days.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that stimulates the improvement of mood, knowledge, which regulates the behavior of food and sleep. Changes in serotonin content in the brain cause anxiety, migraines, back pain, tear, increase in premenstrual syndrome, stimulate over-feeding, depression, hysteria, phobia, anger and even suicidal thoughts. Do not deserve the risk, leave everything and hurry out!

And in general, to live like everyday is your last. Finally, implement your dreams, ignore all counselors, if you do not like your advice, live by patterns and stereotypes, it's not clear who invented, not good / good for everyone, but do not hesitate to go on the road . Because life is one and they are not duplicated.

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