Friday , March 31 2023

Doctors have called the alternative to pain medications


Antibiotic treatment physiciansIce water can replace any analgesic

If you suffer from severe pain, try taking an ice bath. Doctors believe that swimming in cold water can be an excellent alternative to powerful analgesics.

Any pain of varying intensity during life is confronted with almost every individual. If the pain is very strong then we resort to anesthetic drugs, yet many of them have strong and unpleasant side effects. Cambridge University scientists believe that cold water bathing can be a powerful analgesic, with no side effects. In particular, it tells the story of a 28-year-old patient in England who is experiencing chronic pain sustained after laparoscopic surgery, designed to eliminate excess face on face. Pain with each day has become stronger, he has tried different medications, which have only given a temporary effect. However, when, suddenly and quickly, he sank into the sea with low-temperature water, he completely escaped all the unpleasant symptoms, achieving a sustained remission. Physicians believe he helped a state of shock caused by cold.

It is said that this young man, whose name was not named, suffered severe pain for 10 weeks, while in a period of despair he did not leap from the rock into the water. He admitted that at that moment I thought, "Even if I die, then there is nothing to worry about because the pain can not be tolerated." However, a few seconds after immersion in cold water, the young man was released, although his body entered into a single great spasm. He realized that if you did not fight paddle, you would just freeze to death. But after a few moments, he even liked swimming in cold water.

When the young man reached the shore, he realized that all his pain was gone. It did not appear for a long time, and doctors say that their patient has entered remission. This is a perfect illustration of the fact that cold water treatment can be an alternative treatment for pain without specific medication.

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