Wednesday , August 10 2022

FIFA 19: Top 5 Escape Kits Added to Ultimate Team


EA Sports has added 13 sets of teams to the FIFA Ultimate team and Goal gives you a glimpse of the best five of you will use in the game

Earlier this week, EA Sports has launched 13 FIFA 19 Ultimate Team esport kits, free for all players.

While there are hundreds of football clubs invested in FIFA esports, there are also a whole range of organizations dealing with esports only, ranging from around the world. And although all the t-shirts are beautiful, they are the best five gate recommended during the game:

Team Vitality

FIFA 19 Vitality

The French Vitality team is one of the largest escorts in the world, with successful teams in several sports competitions.

Their black and yellow color scheme is striking, with a clean combination that fits nicely with their nickname – Hornets. There are not many football teams to leave black kits and few of those who usually fail to get it out. Vitality, on the other hand, killed him with an elegant shirt.

The Liquid Team

FIFA 19 Team Liquid

North America is Team Liquid, bringing their beautiful life to life with this superb jersey. The white and dark blue scheme is unique, and the giant horse design is not without arrogance.

While this will not give your team any literal power, it is certainly an amazing design that you will want to rock into the game.


FIFA 19 Millenium

Another French esport organization, Millenium, has been in the industry for an incredibly long time.

The purple, geometric design of the top of the T-shirt is amazing and will give your team a futuristic look. White and purple are a distinct combination that draws their eyes during matches.

In addition, if you have a French FUT team, the colors of the French pavilion appear under the main design of the T-shirt.


FIFA 19 Rogue

You can represent the same Mossad & MsDossary championship organization. Aldossary, who reigns the FIFA eWorld Cup champion with this Rogue Badass T-shirt.

The big logo, the thematic assassin does not fit into the main design of the set, with striking blue lines stretching diagonally across the bottom of the shirt. The orange lines are subtle but effective, adding an extra color to the kit.

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FIFA 19 Futwiz

Finally on this list we have FUTWIZ, who bring their classic black and green colors to the game. The faded design is simple but effective and unique for the other kits.

There are lots of darker kits on this list, but that's because it's easy to find bright, colorful T-shirts on the market. These esport kits offer something different and all look fantastic in the game.

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