Tuesday , January 26 2021

Scientists have identified a new dangerous virus

Ученые выжили новый опасный вирусThe properties of the new disease have not been studied.

Scientists have had an outbreak of unknown disease called Disease X, which in a short time can turn into a global epidemic.

The virus is dangerous is similar to the Spanish flu, which killed 5% of the world's population. Some time ago, scientists from those who reported that pregnancy now # 1 – write possible spread of X disease because the risks are very high.

In the process of learning a few new diseases, experts have found two unknown news about the virus. Scientific microorganisms have attributed to the coronavirus family. These viruses have already caused some outbreaks on Earth. For example, in 2003, eight thousand people fell ill with acute respiratory syndrome, and in 2012 people overdone respiratory syndrome in the Middle East.

According to expert Mark Valiatti now scientists from trying to detect the pandemic virus. The pandemic is expected to come from Asia or Africa, where medical care is still at a primitive level.

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