Tuesday , January 31 2023

Space panels could ruin the night sky immediately in 2021


The stars can have a certain competition. A Russian startup, called StartRocket, plans to launch brilliant panels in the night sky to help promote the big companies and brands that already dominate our lives on Earth.

The panels are made up of small, light emitting satellites – CubeSats, to be exact – which connect together in low orbit to designate forms, names and logos for corporate customers.

StartRocket has launched a promotional video that shows the technology in action that you can despair in the video below. It's just an animation right now, but StartRocket plans to launch its product in 2020 with its first panels embedded to hit the night sky the next year.

The sky is the limit

Space panels will shut down in low orbit and display certain messages or logos for six minutes each. Probably StartRocket will be bureaucratic about the plan, yet – we do not see that many countries are interested in floating advertisements that add to their mild pollution.

StartRocket is technically an "ecommerce agency," one specialized in creating and generating money on website platforms, rather than in an organization that has specific links to space exploration. The video can be more of an advertising for the company's ideas than a practical proposal.

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