Tuesday , March 21 2023

Taylor is calling for an independent review in the players' union – Football


Purkiss, a defender at Walsall, was elected president last November and is eager to modernize, saying on Twitter on Thursday that a review is in the interest of the PFA.

"I have a duty to act in the interest of PFA, sometimes you have to make a point of view for what is good." Football is evolving rapidly, players are evolving quickly, and PFA has to evolve, and the old one said.

"Past, present and future players need a PFA for the modern player."

Purkiss pushes PFA to play a more important role in helping players with mental health problems, an area in which the union has been criticized for a lack of perceived efficacy.

The appeal to an independent review did not go down well with Taylor, who responded by questioning Purkiss's desire to act as president on the basis that he was a non-contract player at Walsall.

The British newspaper Daily Mail reported that Taylor wrote in writing to 92 PFA delegates to interrupt the annual general assembly of the Union while raising the issue of Purkiss's eligibility as president.

"There is a current problem that we are confronted with about Ben Purkiss's position and his eligibility to remain in office and decided to postpone this meeting," Taylor said in a letter. (Simon Jennings report in Bengaluru)

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