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Xiaomi prepares to launch electronic books


Xiaomi is in the electronic mail

Xiaomi may break the eBook market
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New articles on Xiaomi's Chinese industrial giant's releases, which cover everyday more aspects of consumer life, have always attracted considerable interest regardless of the purpose of the product.

But the last message that concerns the producer seems particularly interesting. At the successful coincidence of circumstances, a new market that will try to master Xiaomi will be the e-book segment. This is, in the near future, in an Amazon Kindle, you can get a worthy contestant.

The basis for these assumptions is the response of Xiaomi If Coinc's chief development officer at the company's official forum. According to the source, a top manager did not confirm the launch devices, but suggested Xiaomi's interest in an e-book segment. Keep in mind that lately, a lot of Xiaomi fans have addressed the manufacturer through official channels, asking for the release of a competitor for the Kindle. And this is the first time the company has responded publicly to these calls.

Xiaomi is in the electronic mail

The Xiaomi Reader can compete with the Amazon Kindle / TechRadar

On the one hand, it is a positive response gives us some confidence in the release of the Xiaomi electronic book. But, on the other hand, if you think the forum reports, a prototype of the electronic book was produced by Xiaomi in 2017. However, the priority for Xiaomi was other domains, including smart home appliances, and the company has decided to lose resources.


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