Monday , January 24 2022

Actress Nicole Kidman: I wanted to be a nun


Australian actress Nicole Kidman in the past has thought of becoming a remixist.

A 51-year-old Keith Urban musician's wife told him in an interview for Allure magazine. "I am very spiritual and I believe in God. I wanted to become a nun, but in the end I did not go on this journey, although I was very attracted to it " said mother of four children who is not considered a celebrity. "I'm not a celebrity, I'm not a movie star, I feel like an actress, Beyoncé is a celebrity," she said.

Nicole Mary Kidman was brought to the attention of the public in 1989 by Tripler Complete Unquench. In the 1990s he starred in films such as The Days of Thunder (1990), Forever and Far (1992), The Power of Obsession (1993), Batman Forever (1995) "Peacemaker" Passion (1999). For her performance in Moulin Rouge (2001), she nominated her for an Oscar in 2002, one year later she took the Writer Woolf statue for The Hour (2002). For the third time, they nominated her in 2011 for the drama "Králičia nora" (2010), and the fourth nomination was attributed to the role of the Lion in 2017 (2016).

He also has four gold globes and dozens of other awards. He is also known in "The Others" (2001), "Return to Cold Mountain" (2003), "Human Spot" (2003), "Mistress Stepford" (2004), Tlmočníčka (2005) The Reporter (2012), The Stoker (2013), Rolls of Fate (2013), Before the Sleep (2014), Grace: Dessert (2015), Deer Death (2017), Disappointed (2017) and TV Hemingway and Gellhorn ). From 2017 he starred in the Big Little Lies series.

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