Friday , January 27 2023

Adela Vincze has made it public like never before: the savage moves and … singing again!


Adela made a good start for the first time when she reached the podium in golden points, touched the leggings and, along with the dancers, presented choreography and practiced the rhythm. In addition to the dancers, even the music guru Juraj Čurný was added to the sculpture set.

But that was not far from everything. When Nena's 99 Luftballons hit the list of the biggest hits, Adela held her hand with a microphone and the audience did not believe in their eyes at that moment. The blonde started singing and the whole song was interpreted by the ornate German. During the intermission, he even began to sing and show movements that would not have affected the pubertiak Tomorrowland. Well, do not say in vain that Adela is indeed a top and finds a lot of competition in Slovakia.

Did you enjoy Adella Vincze's shows?

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