Tuesday , May 30 2023

Cheats in Slovak stores with Chinese goods


Financial management has directed Chinese merchandise traffic in several cities in Slovakia.

The purpose was to detect tax evasion. The criminals of the Criminal Investigation Office (KÚFS) assisted in the VAT audit reports. For most leaks, fraud related to electronic cash registers is a preliminary result. The value-added tax (VAT) identified as a result of previous control activities has led to more than € 1 million loss.

Criminal strikes follow the multi-month observation of economic behavior by Chinese merchants. The KÚFS has identified merchants Significant irregularities in the VAT returns submitted. Despite the millions of turnover, retailers have shown minimum tax liabilities. They did not pay taxes on the goods they sell because they artificially reduced their tax liability with various unauthorized transactions.

"Traders were aware of a number of infringements found in the actions and traders suspected that tax cuts would have to employ a number of other illegal billing practices from suppliers, but contact persons, through Treasury revenues (ERP), the amount of turnover tax returns issued but also from suppliers who did not yet exist at the time of delivery of goods and the registration of ERP was abolished by the tax office or the receipt of fictitious cash documents from different suppliers " informs TASR spokeswoman Ivana Skokanova.

The problem was also the fact that the owner and manager of several stone stores were deliberately altered for the replacement of fiscal memory when the owner of the operation changed. Fiscal memory must have sufficient capacity to capture and store data from daily closures for at least a five-year period and keep the data stored therein until the right to levy taxes or the expiration of tax differentials. However, some audited stores have seriously violated the ERP law. After changing the owner / manager, the entrepreneurs did not maintain the original budget memory and the accounting documents were simply rejected according to their own statements.

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