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Concert of Vocal Feeling Naturally 7 opens the talented singer Samuel Hošek – journalist

BRATISLAVA, November 21, 2018 (WBN / PR) – Earlier this week, he will be featured on the original mix of electronics, pop and acoustic rap. This will happen in a double concert in which the American sensation and capella Naturally 7 will play as a star. The event will take place on November 26th at the Babylon Studio in Bratislava, under the title of the City Sounds festival.

Samuel Hošek is a young singer and artist who is currently attracted by several musical projects. As a singer, he hosted the album Fallgrapp Electroacoustic Formation in Fog (2017), collaborating with the original jazz-fusion band Ľudová Mladistvá. As an accompanying vocalist, he appeared on stage with people like Marika Gombitová, Lucie Bílá or Majk Spirit. However, the general public may remember him as a companion singer of the Czech-Slovak Superstar finals. Currently, this 27-year-old from Bratislava is working on his debut album with producer Jureš Líšek from Fallgrapp. He emphasized the need to take his own creative direction in the past with World Own (2015) and Call Phone (2016). He admits, however, that during this period he still did not know where he was going and how to discover his work. "The last year was very positive for me, not only in terms of life experience … It all came to my mind and I felt the need to remove the songs," he said on the mark of the future album, Hošek. His current work reflects not only his inner life, but also early Catholic education, relationships, disappointment and hope, the discovery of space phenomena, the neon masses that were blinking. The band is composed of talented musicians composed by Jakub Šedivý (guitar), Lukáš Mutňanský (bass), Petr Hanak (drums), Jureš Líška (electronica) and vocals Kristina Mihaľová and Laura Weng. It is with singers called that Hošek is behind the successful success of the song Svitá, originally from the music "Do not Take Us Princess".

New York's Naturally 7 starred at the biggest jazz festivals with over 450 live concerts on a Canadian singer world tour and a four-time winner at the Grammy Awards, Michael Bublé. Together with solo concerts, concerts took place in 25 countries around the world including the USA, Great Britain, Canada, China, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

The band that legendary musician and producer Quincy Jones described as "the best a-capella in the world," begins the career straight out of the street. The video that young singers attracted the attention of passengers on the Paris subway has become a vicious lightning speed, while their interpretation of The Air Air by British musician Phil Collins has over 6 million views on Youtube. Three years after the release of the video (2009), the band is in front of an audience of the Pigalle club in London, with many prominent guests in the audience. Among them were Chris Martin of the Coldplay group and world-renowned producer Brian Eno, who have just begun the career of this band. Currently, the band is working on promoting eight studio albums "Both Sides Now" (2017). "Listeners can not be overwhelmed by the technical capabilities of these seven men, who can move easily from the voice to musical instruments," musical critic Howard Dukes said in a margo of a great band.

The Sounds City Festival was sponsored by the Arts Support Fund, the Autonomous Region of Bratislava, SOZA and Ars Bratislavalavensis.



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