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Declared work Danka: How many are the same rigor?

After Andrej Danko (44) declassified his work, it is clear that an almost identical rigorosum at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica defended a year later after Danko.

There is at least one work with the same name and number of pages, but still in 1999, that is, it was written before being handed over by the head of Parliament. But it was recently lost, so we can not compare it so far. So the question is: It is possible to remove the title of JUDr. After more than a month of secrecy, Danko made his rigorous work in 2000 entitled Public Administration and his distinctive features by journalists inside the UMB library without the possibility of taking pictures.

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A few days ago, however, another work of the same name appeared, which was written by lawyer Daniel Pisák a year later. Journal N pointed out that the two works are almost identical and differ only in terms of words, words or chapters. This is already the third rigorous work of the same name. In 1999 he wrote Emilia Shakkour at the Law School of Comenius University in Bratislava, but was mysteriously lost from the library. The question is that there are not even works similar to the same name.

Some colleagues did not answer our questions. According to Rector Vladimir Hiadlovsky, the UMB considers plagiarism a serious moral problem around the world, but can do nothing with a scandalous title. "The Higher Education Law does not allow the withdrawal of the title or any other form of revision of the rigorous procedure. The University of Matej Bel today declares transparent processes in obtaining university degrees, "Hiadlovsky said.

Advocate Pisak admitted that he had used the help of a student who had prepared his time records. "But for the moment, I would not have been surprised that the materials could be taken from another work, and not at all, that it could be taken as a whole. If I knew about it or if I knew, I would never have done it, "Pisak said.

Prison for Impairment

Answers to the question of why Danka's and Pisak's work is the same, the president of the National Council of the Slovak Republic has disappeared. "Andrej Danko, the president of the National Council, has done his work, and the UMB will come out altogether. The President will not know the abovementioned lawyer, "said his spokesman, Tomáš Kostelník. The title according to Slovak experts can not be removed in any way.

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Advocate Marek Benedik warns, however, that a violation of the copyright law due to plagiarism threatens biannual bass. "An author whose copyrights have been violated may thus challenge a plaintiff under copyright law, such as justification, compensation, unjust enrichment or moral harm. However, the existence of an academic title has no formally, "Benedik added.

The mistake is that they accepted him at school

Dušan Katuščák, expert in the final work
One of them has definitely depreciated, or they did. Someone just took jobs and edited them slightly. The mistake is that we do not have the first job at Komenshum University because it is decisive. The works of Pisak and Danka are the same, there is no doubt that they are identical. The error is that the dean, teachers and opponents were admitted. He must know that in one department two rigorous works are totally identical. It must have been clear to everyone that he was stolen. It seems that these pedagogues do not properly perform robots, roles and do not know what is happening in their departments. Because I write the themes of the final work.

I made a choice for the student – a new work or title

Examiner Iveta Radicova is currently a professor at BISLA University in Bratislava. He explains that in the past they had a similar problem at a pan-European university with a rigorous job in the case of an Austrian student. She wrote a job that was not in accordance with the rules, but she gave her the title. When they discovered the inconsistencies, they offered two options. "I resolved it as I suggested to defend the title with a rigorous new work or surrender it. She said he prefers not to let him, "says Radic.

Working with an identical name

1. Emily Shakkour "Public administration and its distinctive features"

UK 1999 72

– lost

2. Andrej Danko "Public administration and its distinctive features"

UMB 2000 72

– identical

3. Daniel Pisák "Public administration and its distinctive features"

UMB 2001 74

– identical

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