Thursday , March 30 2023

In the following days, cool, frost is expected


The weather has changed these days.

At the end of the week, cooling and night frost can be expected not only in the mountains, but also in the lowlands. It informs the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) about the social network.

"On Tuesday night (November 13th), a cold front passed through our northwestern territory, through which cold air penetrated, disrupting the inversion and, above all, the mountains saw a significant temperature drop. there was five to six degrees Celsius on the Lomnicki tip, now there are eight minus Celsius, "said meteorologist Miroslav Šinger, who notes that cooling is less pronounced in the lower positions.

In the following days, according to SHMÚ, the situation will change due to several pressure altitudes and cold air flow. This flow will continue over the weekend, and after creating pressure above Scandinavia on the front, even the colder air will penetrate us. "The coldest should be Monday (November 19th), when it may somehow froze in the north, going south to a bit warmer, the afternoon peak to five to eight degrees Celsius," said the meteorologist , similar developments will continue. In the south it will be five to eight degrees, north to mostly three to zero, possibly four degrees Celsius.

"As far as night air temperature is concerned, the coldest nights should take place on Saturday (November 17th) on Saturday (November 17th) and on Saturday (November 18th) on Saturday (November 18th) when we expect the temperature to drop to minus five degrees, in valleys and valleys, places will become even colder, up to ten degrees Celsius, "said Singer.

Next week the frosts will diminish, the night temperatures will be higher, and the air will diminish. There are precipitation in places, both in the north and in the snow, in the southern snow, mixed in the rain.

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