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Look out for a fraudulent Facebook contest, the site promises to win Samsung Galaxy Note9


The Internet is already the traditional site of various cheap and fraudulent sites that are trying to get sensitive information from their visitors. A common phenomenon is the competition for valuable prizes, which often only seek to attract money from users. We have warned many times about such frauds on our site. Among the latest findings, another fraudulent competition has been added Police of the SR on their Facebook page of Hoaxes and Scams.

Underwater Contest on Score9

The site called Samsung Slovakia ( is officially represented by a South Korean producer in Slovakia. Meanwhile, he denied that this is his own profile. The site states that Samsung celebrates its 80th anniversary since launching and for this reason puts the four newest phones in competition Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on a photo in 4 colors. Facebook users should have the status, share them and label another person from their friends in the comment.

The site states that the contest will only be evaluated if it involves at least 3,000 people. In these competitions, the organizer usually extends the base of Facebook fan sites, winning the names of people who are willing to engage in a fraudulent contest. These people are then contacted by criminals and, in a variety of ways, are trying to get money from them, such as "winning or checking" taxes. It is often a small sum, but with a large number of deceived people makes a large number.

How do you know the scam page?

Slovak police also warn how to recognize the common features of similar sites:

1. In the case of large brands, there are paradoxically few fans. Every big and well known brand has been on Facebook for years with a great audience.

2. Absence of the text in the "Information" section, for example, lack of the name or official e-mail address.

3. No site content, except for one job related to the contest. Probably nothing to talk about statutes. There are no posts about certain people, company representatives.

4. No innovative competition, just classic "share, comment, brand".

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