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Pitch and Pears with the news that strengthens: Spoko undressed in a video with Nasrata Woman


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Hrušky’s Smola troupe begins the new year 2021 as it has ended. Her song “Korona-special” thus expands with another current subject, conceived with humor and a dose of recession. This time, the song Otužujem is dedicated to a phenomenon that some members of the band flirt with, but it also offers a typical touch of irony and a smiling look at this strange ice cream.

At the same time, though Pitch and Pere he adds that hardening is not magic and everyone has the natural ability to neutralize the cold. “It’s about the head, but no one should underestimate the training and follow certain rules, as in any case,” says the singer, composer and verse. Joseph “Spoko” Kramar.

I am sorry it is already the sixth composition that reflects the image of this time since the beginning of the pandemic. “The song was created during the practice of Wim Hof’s method, when my mind flew a little. I’ve been trying for a long time to breathe and strengthen myself consciously for a long time. It was just a step to write a play about it,” explains the band’s frontman. .

“I was thinking of a funny duet and I was the first follower to think about it Angry woman, covering which I’ve been talking about for half a year. I wrote to her that day, then I called and a very nice and charming lady swore at Angry Woman, who surprised me with her kindness, sympathy and professionalism. During the completion of the video, we told ourselves that only a week had passed from the first contact to the result and I really like it. Spontaneous, unplanned songs and collaborations. This duet is special in that I collaborated with a virtual artist for the first time and I feel that it was not the last time “, adds Spoko.

“When Spoko approached me to collaborate, I was literally amazed, because Smola and Hrušky are a band whose concerts I missed at various festivals. I really appreciate not only the opportunity to record a single with them, but especially the general collaboration, while the boys gave me absolutely All the enthusiasm for the project was emphasized by the active creation of the song and the human approach. The only thing I regret in this “Covid situation” is that, due to the measures, we could not film together a clip, which was shortened about scenes in swimsuits and snow “, says the blogger and the virtual singer creating under the pseudonym Angry woman.

Visually, the flash-recorded “video dessert” was again successful in collaboration with the court cameraman. Pavlom Vargom. The composition itself was created in collaboration with music producer and sound engineer Pavel Fecík in his recording studio Recording Studio 11.11.

Group Pitch and Pere formed in 1997. The six-member band has the albums Toamna 2003 (2003), Na chate (2005), Kameň Papier Nožnice (2008), Palec hore (2012) and Čiernobiely (2017). In addition, he released Lajfka (2010), a DVD entitled 13 live / Live in Topfest (2010), the selection Best On 1997-2015 (2015) and the CD and DVD Unplugged Live in Spišské Divadlo (2016). Since March 2020, they have regularly released songs with themes brought by the crown – Let’s put pears, Kvások and me whose Moving median.

You can support the band Smola a Hrušky in difficult times by buying CDs or T-shirts from its official website You can follow the group’s news on its profiles at Facebook, Instagram on me whose Youtube.

Information and photos to were provided by the group’s manager, Martin Hlavatý. I changed the press release.

Photo: Pavol Varga, SaH archive

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