Sunday , January 24 2021

Slovakian musicians from Walter Schnitzelsson play in front of British band E D I T O R S

Walter Schnitzelsson's lobies will warm the stage and warm up the fans before celebrating the celebrated E D I T O R S at their concert 26.11. 2018 at the Refinery Gallery in Bratislava.

Walter Schnitzelsson is one of the most popular Slovakian troops. This year he is working on a new album, so you can hear them only rarely, but on very interesting scenes.

They presented at Depeche Mode at the Volt Festival in Hungary, opened the main stage on Grape and played in front of the band publishers there will be another extraordinary experience: "It is not easy to make a band like this, but we are looking forward to this performance, Editors are among our favorite bands. This year, we will not stop crying this year because of the new album Sugar kids, but it's really good and it will surely be a great concert for the year 2018 " Jozef Rezník, leader of the band, said his impressions of the future concert.

The editors will be held on Monday, November 26, 2018, at the Refining Gallery in Bratislava.

Tickets can be found PRIAMO TU!

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