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Henrik Lundqvist, Tomas Tatar

The New York Rangers goalkeeper, Henrik Lundqvist, eliminates Tomas Tatar's chance.

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Slovak hockey striker Tomas Tatar scored twice in the NHL on Tuesday but did not help Montreal in New York Rangers Ice Rush.

Canadiens led 3: 1 at the famous Madison Square Garden, but eventually lost
3: 5- And Tatar had a little foot in it. With 33 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending.
have won two goals and have the power of two skaters, but that
the advantage came after the Slovak kidnapper fugitive. Home before the second
siren, and in the third part added three other interventions. "If will be
I scored another goal, it could fall altogether. But we are them
have left hope. I have collected some unnecessary exclusions, one I had
and I. And something can not happen, "Tatar told Montreal
The screen.

The Slovakian representative opened the match score after 23 seconds
third, and second, they sent the lead to 25 minutes in both
scored in the middle of the field of Swedish goalkeeper Henrik experienced
Lundqvist. It was the fourth and fifth goal of a 27-year term in this respect
season. Tatar, despite the loss of his team, became the third star of the game.

As an excuse, the Montreal hockey players have remembered fatigue on Monday
have won the winning match on the New York Islanders Ice and the fight on Tuesday
he was the fourth for her six days. However, the player's expressions are
this way they did not die. "We had to keep the 3: 1 lead on it
there is no excuse. We must learn from it in the future
similar errors. We lost the points that should be ours "
thinks Tatar.

Montreal after fifteen matches belongs to the table at the Eastern Conference
5th place with a score of eighty points.

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