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The current number of mosquito diseases in the Trebišov neighborhood grew again


In particular, uninoculated children are ill.

November 6, 2018 at 15:02 AM TASR

Trebišov. In the Trebišov district, the number of mosquito-related illnesses increased again, and the Public Health Service reported 33 cases.

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Most, sixteen are sick in Sečovce and in Parchovany, where they are new.

Three cases are in Trebišov and Hrčeli and one case in the Plechotice and Kravany villages, Mrs. Daša Račková, spokeswoman for the Public Health Service (ÚVZ), said.

Beginning in September, the number of diseases in the district has increased.

"The Regional Public Health Bureau in Trebišov has provided antiepidemic measures in outbreaks in cooperation with health care providers, school facilities and field assistants," the spokesman said.

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The sickest are among the children

Diseases refer especially to those who live in low hygiene conditions.

Most cases are seen in children who have not yet reached the age required for compulsory measles vaccination.

Epidemiological investigation continues.

In total, 37 diseases have been reported this year in the Trebišov district.

The previous measles epidemic in the Michalovce and Sobrance districts was discontinued, the last disease reported on 20 September 2018.

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