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The new stage of Slovak representation at excellence: Voices after the duel with Ukraine


Albert Rusnák and David Hancko
Albert Rusnák and David Hancko

TRNAVA – Slovak footballers won the match of Division B of the League of Nations in Trnava with representatives of Ukraine 4: 1. The results will be closed on Monday, November 19, in Prague, against the Czech Republic.

votes after the game:

Albert Rusnák, midfielder and first goal player SR / RTVS /: "We wanted to give ourselves before the match with the Czech Republic, where everything will go, we did a good performance back and forth, they all made the robot I wanted from the coach, I played at this position under Hapal in 21, with the freedom to go in the middle and to defend ourselves in the defense. We can still enjoy the victory, but tomorrow we have to prepare for the match with the Czech Republic, because if we do not win it, as if this victory was canceled ".

Róbert Mak, midfielder and rifle from Slovakia's fourth goal: "I'm glad I managed to score again, I did not use the last chance I had and I wanted to help the team because we needed this victory, we have to win in Prague after the 4-1 victory on Ukraine we will go to the Czech Republic Better when doing the same thing, we have nothing to worry about. "

Adam Zreľák, striker and third goal shooter SR: "I am very glad to come back in the long run that he gave me the coach's trust, gave me a goal and helped the boys."

Miroslav Stoch (middle of SR): "I feel really good because I won, and when we got in, the players were already tired, we stuck in the lower block and we had some bread, I'm very excited about the win, we were well adjusted before the match in the Czech Republic I was glad that after such a long absence in representation, when I was going to work, people started shouting my name and the return was not better, I won with a strong opponent 4: 1. We go with every game to win. there will be a special match for me, I will play "myoma", I look forward to it. "

Pavel Hapal (coach of SR): "We did a good match, there were passages when the opponent was strong on the ball, but we did" uzmakali "in the game and we had enough chances that could have ended with another goal, I was not nervous, but the responsibility for I was very happy to have this result but I did not disappoint but I'm glad I did it without yellow cards a specific match for me but there are points and we do everything for victory I think it comes to see the whole stadium. "

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