Thursday , February 9 2023

The number of diseases increased by 75 percent per week


BUDAPEST – Influenza epidemics broke out in Hungary after a 75.6 per cent rise in disease rates a week, the Center for National Health (NNK) reported Wednesday.

Between 7 and 13 January, doctors reported 19,300 cases of influenza illness. The majority of patients visited a physician at Fejer, Peštian, Šomad and in Budapest. Their number has tripled in the Borsod-Aba-Zemplín region and the Qongrad region.

According to NNK data, the most infected with influenza is in the young adults category, which is 42.6 percent; the proportion of child patients is 19.7 percent, and patients over the age of 60 are 11 percent.

In the coming weeks, the most aggressive epidemic of influenza illnesses in Hungary is yet to be expected, NNK epidemiologist Zsuzsanna Molnarova said in a TV2 commercial television interview.

On Monday, they ordered a ban on visits to several hospitals in Budapest and Fejer County.


Source: TASR, net BL

Photo: Unsplash

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