Wednesday , August 17 2022

The regulator will change the Suzuki Jimny to resemble the Mercedes G car


The first bodykit for the new Suzuki Jimny, turning it into an iconic off-road, was presented by the DAMD publisher. The appearance of a small off-road car was inspired by performance itself. Shaped shapes, round lights, all were characters who wore other field vehicles.

The Japanese publisher DAMD has shown how he is rebuilding a small Jimna on the Mercedes G or Land Rover Defender. He chose the name very easily. What is to be compared to Class G is called the Little G and what should be reminded that the defender turns into Little D.

For the little G in DAMD they have prepared a new radiator mask with a horizontal rail with new light limbs and a bumper with a distinctive shape. It's the most forward-looking version of the G63 AMG. The side of the hinges has an extended wing and a spare wheel in the rear, just like the real Mercedes.

The second version, Little D also comes with a complete rear reconstruction in iconic off-road British mode. The little Jimny turns into the little Defender in the back, completing the replaced bumper with big spikes.

DAMD prices do not speak yet. Nor about availability on foreign markets. However, the idea and design, especially in the Little D case, are not bad at all.

Suzuki Jimny DAMD – Little D Reminds DefenderSource: DAMD

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