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This will happen to the universe if Mars and Venus have exchanged seats in the solar system


The meeting at the Houston Lunar and Planetary Institute revived many interesting questions. The researchers also discussed the environment of the rock world in our solar system, but also outside it. They also dealt with the idea of ​​changing Mars with Venus in the solar system. It was fun, but a lot of science has also appeared in this fun component.

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Mars has one-tenth of Earth's weight, while Venus weighs as much as Earth. Both planets have something in common – they are not habitable. Martian surface temperature reaches -60 degrees Celsius, while at Venus it is 460 degrees Celsius due to the density of the planet. What would happen if these two planets changed places?


This will happen

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"Modern Mars would be totally frightened of Venus's orbit, at least on Earth's standards" said Chris Colos, climatologist at the Goddard Institute for Spatial Studies. Mars has a thin atmosphere pulled by the Sun after it has lost its magnetic field from inexplicable causes. Mars is unlikely to release enough carbon dioxide from Venus. This carbon dioxide is naturally found on the surface of Mars. If the planet's temperature was higher, it would be released into the atmosphere, which would make the atmosphere thicker. This would have happened if Mars were to be in Venus. And even if the atmosphere was thicker without a magnetic field, Mars would not stay there. "Mars would become a warmer rock" Colos believes.


This will happen

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As far as Venus is concerned, it is interesting that its temperature does not depend on the sun. Moving to Mars' position would maintain the same temperature as in its balance. The planet may partially cool after a long time. It seems that the change of Mars and Venus would not produce a new, inhabited world.

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