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Veronika Rabada captivated Slovaks in the USA. At home there are concerts and Christmas albums


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Veronika Rabada made this year's Lúka debut album, offered several video clips and featured new songs at concerts not only in Slovakia but also abroad. He recently returned from the US, where he brought great pleasure and strong emotions to compatriots. Their energetic music, which is based on the Slovak tradition, thanked the American US people in the US.

"We were invited to the USA by Marek Šoltís, who lived and presented the Slovak culture in states for over twenty years and was invited to the famous Slovak heritage festival in New Jersey, who is the main organizer and contacted me with a another Slovak in Chicago, Ferko Tutoky, who played at the Grand Bistre in Chicago, "recalls the preparations for the American concerts by Veronika Rabada.

American salons received Veronica and her musicians very cordially and created a close environment for them. "The amazing atmosphere at the concerts and the way they brought us to the festival is a very enjoyable experience for me, I felt at home at home and I did not even feel that I was so far away that the organizer managed to I was very grateful to her and they were very grateful to her, and they said they were happy with her, which made me very happy and I think I was not the last time and I like to do this trip, I repeat thank all those who have created us a great experience. She has made her feelings to play in America Veronica.

Christmas concerts and album

At the beginning of December, a series of Christmas concerts will be launched Koleda and Veronika Rabada. There are twelve concerts scheduled throughout Slovakia, which will last until January 9. Colindas and Christmas songs in their adaptations will come to them.

"Together with the band we prepared most of the Christmas songs last year and in summer we recorded it to give visitors the chance to get our new Christmas album in addition to the promotional CDs. Our songs already known Zabudni, Husičky, Lúka and many more … I have a lot of training and a lot of tests, but I am very happy, it is my very small dream, even the concerts, the CD especially my husband, who is also a sound engineer and producer, and is the hill of his robots, for whom I am very grateful and I think we will bring joy with the audience, come and see, "invites Christmas concerts Veronika.

On a special CD, which will be a Christmas present for all the visitors of each concert tour, there will be six songs. Three of the debut album meadow and three live recordings from past Christmas concerts. From the beginning of the tour will be a new Christmas album in the world Koleda and Veronika Rabada.

Rado Mešša provided information for We have edited the text of the message.

Photo: The archive of the singer

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