Wednesday , March 29 2023

A difficult test for Slovenes, in some places they almost gave up this ritual


The decree banning meetings prohibits marriages with a large number of wedding guests, but some couples do not care about the grand ceremony and want to perpetuate their love with a wedding only in front of the registrar.

Since mid-October, marriages have been allowed only in administrative units, and the number of marriages has decreased by several tens of percent compared to the same period last year. We checked how many marriages were contracted in October, November and December last year, compared to the previous year, when we lived without restrictions.

During this time, marriages usually take place during the week at the headquarters of the administrative unit, and marriages are allowed provided that the marriage is attended by a maximum of three people, ie the future spouse or partner and the registrar or four people in the case of an interpreter. In Koper, there have been some marriage annulments in the summer months due to limited guest numbers. As you can see, there were no specialties in the autumn and winter months. In 2020, the Novo mesto administrative unit observed a declining trend in marriages. Due to the spring epidemic, planned wedding ceremonies in the spring have been postponed for the summer months. Due to the amended decree, the number of marriages during the office hours of the administrative body increased only in the presence of the registrar and the newlyweds, ie without the presence of witnesses and wedding guests. Data from the administrative unit Celje and Novo mesto are somewhat surprising However, December was a period of love in Ljubljana, where almost the same number of married couples as in 2019. The marriage or partnership must take place taking into account all the recommendations of the authorities. competent authorities and in compliance with all applicable measures to prevent the spread of viral infection.

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