Sunday , April 2 2023

At the poker lake for everything or nothing


Ljubljana – Maribor will be in the final part of the autumn season, which will end on December 7 with the 19th round matches, defending the four points before Olympique. This weekend may have a job, Triglav will host today in Ljudski vrt, while tomorrow Olimpija will have a more demanding task at Velenje. In the 16th stage there will be three derby: today in the parish of Fazanerija and tomorrow in Celje and Krško.

Murska Sobota: Mura – Gorica (Saturday, judge Aleksandar Matković, 14 years old): Mura triggered the slump of Gorizia, will it end? This is what people in Gorizia want, which Prekmurci has caused too much trouble for the derby to be just "afternoon". It matters a lot, the victory leads Muro in third place for at least 24 hours. Anyone who thinks it will be a surprise, has a short memory. Under bat Ante Simunje Mura was already third at the end of the 2011/12 season when he just became the first player. Detainees are also an insoluble riddle for coach Gorizia Mirana Srebrnica. This season, scored the point only home (2: 2), lost two games in the Cup and, above all, Andrijo Filipovic, who left the team for the most important time. Without the best shooter, the selected athletic mountain castle has fewer options than the technically playful. Even if he is not one of the court leaders, Luke Bobicanca.

Maribor: Maribor – Triglav (Mihael Antich, 16.15): Maribor frowns on who does not, it's worth hiding. Cardiac Gorenjci would not be equal again with the player, even if he was anxious last season. If something is worth it, then it is Antich's main referee, who, like Matkovic in Murska Sobota, has accumulated first-class experience. In the third match, he will be the first to judge Maribor. In the first two tests, the host team won.

Domžale: Domžale – Celje (Sunday, Roberto Ponis, 14): Domžale added a superior level of performance to a victory against a rival straight to the top of the ladder. Victoria from Gorica would have announced progress on the 3rd place, which Domžale would have played after the turn and stake. The most important success Simone Rozman is that in a selective battle for key positions in the team has earned a lottery win in the picture Shamar Nicholson. Perhaps the young Jamaican will ask to lead, but he is an attacker who might be the strongest weapon for consolidation in 3rd place. Celje? The ears of Maribora were severe, but not the one that would break them. It was just an unfortunate game, and if they had one, it would not be the end of the world.

Velenje: Rudar – Olimpija (Roman Glazar, 16): It was never easy to Lake Ljubljana. Two years have passed since the last victory in the champion. Since then, Rudar matches are hot and cold. From the high victories in Stožice to defeat two defeats of undetermined deflections in Velenje. Rudar has a decent shape, Olimpija is already under his leadership Zorana Barisica, who, with the "all-in" poker style tactic, risks to jam. The question is, will Olimpija score more goals than he will receive?

Krško: Krško – Aluminij (David Šmajc, 18): Are foreigners too weak or poorly managed? This is a riddle for Krško, who started fighting for survival with foreigners. Otherwise, I would also fight with Slovenian boys, but the only difference is that I would have more opportunities with foreigners. Also for an emotional coach Alena Ščulca there is no peace, if someone pays a tax for a bad result, it is just a coach. Whether or not Krishka is the hope for Aluminum.

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