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Bi morali za opitost za volanom kaznovati tu lokali


The organizers of the action, which have carried out a number of initiatives on the European Union, have presented the results in the presentations of the alcoholic beverages and the tragic collisions which make it impossible for alcoholic beverages to be discarded.

Alcohol no sodi behind the wheel. With the "solimo" memory as young as old, and with Slovencev, with regard to the statistical data, it is not a prime matter. For the ears of speech, especially honey young, pa brought by Herja action in the mushroom.

The Heroji in the Muslims is an action that was preceded by the day before the Lord Razogorsk and Zavod VOSIM affiliated with some of the uglednih slovenskih podjetij and the state institutions. They linked up with urine against alcoholics, who are still honey with younger women.

Heroji furajo in mushroom | Avtor: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil


Levi pas


Vožnja po leve pasu posta rak rana slovenskih avtocest

Mladi prepogosto mislijo, to give them nothing more to lose, to be dead.

"I am sorry to say again, and again and again, that we have been informed of the issue of security, and that, as such, our people, like other people,

says Razgoršek, who is not very much concerned about the invalid car.

Alcohol is very much honey with young people

Allow me to say that statistics show that, despite the fact that the Czech Republic has been promised to say nothing in Slovenia, the young people say that there is no alcohol for everyone. This year alone with 3312 prometnih nesreč raised young carriages, 317 was beaten alcoholic beer, stories pa died.

Bistvo's project is to reduce the number of prometnih nesreč, the last of which is alcohol, in the past and in the old days, the most of the transport of the house, that it is before the accident. The Slovene language is, above all, European leadership after a number of promoters have promised not to drink under the influence of alcohol and in this way, but it is now all over the place where they are waiting for the south to return home.

Heroji furajo in mushroom | Avtor: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

The organizer is pleased to hear that he or she is drunk after a busy day in a car and leaves his or her home or an alcoholic drinker. Hero, if you get up the night, you'll take a little while after the bus and in the south you'll take home. They see all the people, the brothers, the sisters, the shame, the teenagers, the sister-in-law, who get up in the "mushrooms" for the night before the nightclub. Let's say that it's a sad activity, and a hero and a "ball" of dejanje.




Prehitra vožnja: How much time do you like in the house?

The organizers of the event are very old in the heroes, but they have to withdraw alcohol and alcohol under the influence of alcohol, alcoholic beverages or even to the fact that the disabled drivers are waiting for the car after the lock. This is why they want to eliminate the shock of the therapy from the inappropriate treatment.

Heroji furajo in mushroom | Avtor: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

In Japan, they are living in the same place

Eden from the drivers in seven of the cities that organized the event was the chairman of Toyota Adria, who is the project, Kensuki Cuči, who said he was dealing with alcohol in Japan. However, for Japan, the police, who hire alcoholics behind the wheel, pay 4,000 to 8,000 euros. In fact, the law is paying for the damage to 4,000 Germans who are in the car and in the car under the influence of alcohol. 4,000 Greeks are paying for the tuition of an alcoholic driver in the car. Denarna kazen pa doleti tu loka, v katerem je alkoholiziran voznik bil, lokalu pa grozi celo zaprtje. In Japan, you can still stay in the service if you get the alcoholic drinker behind the wheel.

Heroji furajo in mushroom | Avtor: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

Cestna grbina


Kaj povzroči vožnja prek grbin pri visoki hitrosti

However, the organizers of the Heroji furajo in the pyramid oppose the environs that have been shadowy in Slovenia. That is, if the moral organizer has taken a nap for the transport of ljudi from the organization he organizes.

Opitih all over young women

The organizers of the action are very much involved in this area, not with the citizens. In this year, they have prepared and delivered a "first aid kit" from the Heroes furajo in the mushrooms, which have been awarded the citizenship, in which they have guided it, as it is difficult to cope with, and in the way of the alcoholic drivers, the young spouses did not sit behind the wheel or the vehicle that manages an alcoholic driver.

Heroji furajo in mushroom | Avtor: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

fire, Trojan, predator,


Pijan sreda trojanskega predora up and zapaljal in the back direction

Kot was abused by dr.

Maja Roškar

of the National Health Insurance Institution (NIJZ), alcohol is still an issue in society, it is a problem. It has been suggested that, in the light of the healthfulness of the last alcoholic drink, there are two deaths in Slovenia, if there is no reason why alcohol is not covered by the car and the car is not mentioned in the Slovene three to six. However, there are 10 names in the hospital that can be used for the last of the alcohol users. It's a terrible thing to say, all the more than 35 years of trouble with opija. This means that the end of the day when they are most entertained, they enjoy the great amount of alcohol, as it is great that alcoholic beings are all young women, but both need to be enacted in alcoholic beverages.

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