Tuesday , August 3 2021

Jansha's threat is already threatened

LJUBLJANA – In the SDS, it would be against the prime minister Marjan Sarac has filed a constitutional accusation due to its response to the publicity of media outlets that spread the hate speech, are still under consideration. "We will make a decision on this soon," said SDS deputy head Daniel Krivec.

Marjan Šarec, Prime Minister, Ljubljana, 21 November 2018 PHOTOGRAPHY: Voranc Vogel, Delo

"This is a serious violation of the constitution and an inadmissible pressure on economic operators and involvement in some laws regulating the operation of enterprises. The prime minister should be neutral, his claim is inappropriate and unconstitutional," Krivec said.

Janez Janša DZ Ljubljana 22.03.2017 [janša,dz] PHOTO: Tomi Lombar / Work

Chief of the LMŠ Deputy Group Brane Golubovic He said that this is a "legitimate right of SDS".

"If he succeeds, I look forward to talking about improper, impatient and hostile content in the National Assembly," he said, adding that this discussion could also prevent these words from becoming flesh.

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