Friday , February 3 2023

Johnny Depp accuses Heards of not fulfilling the promised donation yet


Actress Amber Heard promised in a divorce agreement in 2016 that she will donate 5.7 million euros to charities. Her ex-husband Johnny Depp, whom they still meet in court, now accuses her of keeping her promise.

According to foreign media reports, these are the actor’s lawyers Johnny Depp, which impressed in the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, his ex-wife Amber heardaccused of not adhering to the separation agreement. In 2016, he received money worth 5.7 million euros, which he should have donated to charities.

Amber Heard hasn’t donated the full amount yet.PHOTO: Profimedia

The actress’ lawyer Elaine Bredehoftconfirmed that her client has not yet fulfilled her commitment to donate $ 5.7 million to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. He is said to have financial reasons to do so. “Amber has donated seven charities in the past and still intends to contribute and keep her promise. However, her goal had to be postponed as Mr Depp filed a lawsuit and was forced to spend millions in order to be able to defend against the false accusations of her ex-husband “.

Johnny Depp has filed a new lawsuit against his former partners.PHOTO: AP

Bredehoft alluded to the malicious allusions of Depp’s legal team, which allegedly criticized Heard’s donations to make the public aware of his financial problems. “Mr Depp’s effort to tell the press stories criticizing Amber for not making all the donations he promised is another desperate attempt to divert attention from British court rulings.”

The Hollywood actor recently lost a lawsuit in a London court, where a lawsuit was filed against the British tabloid The Sun. In one of the articles about washing dirty clothes with the actor’s ex-wife, Depp described her as “Wife’s beater”.The old grudges between the ex-husbands, however, have not yet ended, as Depp, meanwhile, has filed a lawsuit against Heard for defamation that is said to have affected his career and reputation.

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