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League of Nations (LIVE) – Slovenia: Norway 1: 1 (second half, VIDEO) *


Ljubljana – Slovenia's football team awaits tonight (starting at 8.45) at Stožice, a bloody baptism under the new coach Igor Benedejčič, which temporarily replaced the weighing Tomaz Kavčič. The hosts will be beaten by Norway in the penultimate match of Group 3 Third League League, which was a little better in the first Oslo match (1: 0). Winning the first in this competition, the Slovenians will retain the chance to survive in league C.

Benedejčič has a very thin team without a number of goalkeepers with a goalkeeper Jan Oblak and now he is already a former national Kevin Kamplom. They will also be missing Bojan Jokic, instead of installing the captain's band on the arm Benjamin Verbič, good Josip Ilicić, Jasmin Kurtić, Rene Krhin, Tim Matavz and Nemanja Mitrovic. Guests who are fourteen places higher on world rankings (48./62.) Will play without interrupting the first star Josh King.

Benjamin Verbič crowned the captain with a shot. PHOTO: Darko Bandic / AP

The Slovenians, who have won the only point so far in the League of Nations, have passed against Cyprus (1: 1), are not correct for the Norwegians, because only eight wins have won with only one victory and tie, lost six times. "After all the matches, where nothing has come to our plan, we have to go to victory. We want you to stay, so we'll do it all for three points," Captain Verbič commented, selector Benedejčič added: "We did everything we could to prepare, we hope for the best. We have to play organized in defense and attack, leaving the heart on the ground and satisfying the audience."

The negotiations today with the Norwegians under the Francoz whistle Ruddy Buqueta it was not just a prelude Igor Benedejčič, which was first heated a selector chair, but also for Benjamin Verbicha, who in his twenty-year jubilee show in the coat of arms of the State coat of arms put the captain's band for the first time (as the Slovenian 24th until now). There were only six home players who also played in their former Oslo account, and Benedejčič sent their brother to the court Struna, Andrze and Aljaz, while in the occupation of the guests were the cousins Eylounoussi, Tarik and Mohamed.

Take Benjamin Verbic's goal from the 9th minute. HERE.

After a long time, the Slovenian duel successfully and effectively opened in the 9th minute, after the first real action, shook the opponent's network. Andraz Sporar he launched a winning campaign, Dom Cherniyoj he noticed perfectly and put an empty space on runner-up Benjamin Verbič, who with a precise diagonal photo sent a helpless goalkeeper on his back Rune Almenning Jarstein. A better start in the role of the captain is the federal player in Kiev Dinamo, who will have over 25 years for eleven days, could not want! For him, it was the third goal in a national football jersey.

As it turned out later, this was the only serious campaign in the first half of the year. The Norwegians had time to rise after an initial shock and quickly received a goal, then gradually raised the pace of the game and dominated the playground. This might interest them after exactly half an hour of play, when exceptional equalizing opportunities were found, but Slovenian defense pillars Aljaz Struna and Miha Mevlja the ball twice in an action broke with the targets of the line after it was Vid Belec already beaten. The guests protested that the ball was a chance Omar Elabdellaoui already in the net, but the judge behind the door nodded firmly. Just two minutes later, Mohamed Elyounoussi had enough time and space to shoot, but he started badly, Belec did not have a hard work.

The Slovenians, who were only 39% in the first half of the first half of the match, resisted the initial pressure of the Norwegians who, after coming from admirable games, resisted a strong and fighting game that was bolstered by a miraculous rainbow in the minute 57 Martin Ødegård, who replaced him Stefan Johansen, a little later, had the chance Bjørn Johnsen instead of Tarika Elyounoussija. Benedejčič also took care of the fresh wind in the eleven with Roman Bezjak, went to the bank on the bench, which began to twist. He left the game in the middle of the second half Miha Zajcwho did not have his evening, stepped in his place Robert Beric. The best opportunity in the first half of the second part was wasted Ola Kamara, and soon his talent was proved by Ødegård, who inspired Belca.

After 74 minutes, reservist Beric managed to extend their lead to just a free kick, but the ball hit the bar, rebounding into the keeper's arms. Jarstein broke through the central defense and chipped it home. However, cheerful joy for a short period of time, the side referee raised the flag, Beric was an inch or two in a forbidden position. Before St. Etienne was truly amazed, but the principal dealer of the law was steadfast.

Sagittarius: 1: 0 – Benjamin Verbich (Domen Chrnigoj, 9.).

SLOVENIA: Vid Belec, Nejc Skubic, Aljaz Struna, Miha Mevlja, Andraz Struna, Domen Crnogoj, Amir Dervishevic, Rajko Rotman, Benjamin Verbich, Miha Zajc, Andraz Sporar.

NORWAY: Rune Almenning Jarstein, Haitam Aleesami, Sigurd Rosted, Håvard Nordveit, Omar Elabdelaoui, Mohamed Elyounoussi, Markus Henriksen, Ole Kristian Selnæs, Stefan Johansen, Tarik Elyounoussi, Ola Kamara.

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