Friday , March 31 2023

Live: Hirscher and Kristoffersen at the top, the Slovenians will attack from the background


In Finland, Levi is the first slalom season for men, where two Slovenian representatives are in the race. According to the latest data, the course is very tough and frozen.

As we can see this season, we are witnessing the future of the Austro-Norwegian duel. In the first or second place are Marcel Hirscher and Henrik Kristoffersen. There are only seven hundred differences between them, so in the second round, we can see a bitter duel to win.

We're two at the beginning. Štefan Hadalin will receive a route number of 39, Žan Kranjec he will attack with number 82.

On Saturday, I saw that the play was well prepared and that even those with higher starting numbers might have the option.

The final path will be scheduled at 1:15 p.m..

Mikaela Shiffrin


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