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Norway biogas cruiser


Norway biogas cruiser

Monday, November 26, 2018

For some of his cruises, Hurtigruten will use biogas from fish scraps and other bio-waste. (Photo: RTV SLO / Reuters)

Norwegian cruise line Hurtigruten will be part of the new green initiative for the cruise ships of cruise ships their cruises started using fish processed food waste and mixed with other organic waste. They will be used to produce biogas, which will then be liquefied and used to drive cruises instead of fossil fuels.

Large fossil fuels used by large passenger ships are becoming more and more difficult. With emissions of sulfur and other pollutants, the environment is more polluting than land-based fuel. Hurtigruten operates a fleet of 17 vessels and operates a cruise in the Arctic and Antarctic, both of which are very sensitive areas. By 2021, they set the goal of processing at least six of their ships to use biogas, liquefied natural gas, and large unit batteries, capable of storing renewable energy from renewable sources. They will also prohibit disposable plastic on their ships. They also build three new hybrid cruisers.

The shipping industry is increasingly under control. Many ships use heavy gas oil, which is cheap and would be banned on the ground due to the polluting factor. The daily release of greenhouse gases from the largest cruises in the world can be the same as millions of cars. For ocean ships, promising technology is also powered by the battery, but it has been difficult to get enough strong batteries so far. Battery advances make it possible to install enough batteries for a single navigation.

Source: RTV SLO

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