The German company BioNTech and the American company Pfizer have published the preliminary results of a study confirming the effectiveness of a vaccine against the new coronavirus strains in the United Kingdom and South Africa. The vaccine will also provide protection against current new changes, foreign news agencies said.

A study by Pfizer and the University of Texas Medical School found that the vaccine against new strains is 95% effective.

The results confirm to experts that current vaccines will be effective despite current mutations in the virus. The study, which was published on Thursday, must be verified by independent experts.

At the end of last year, quite a few fears were caused by the newly discovered strains, which are more contagious. Connections with the United Kingdom and South Africa have been suspended, and several countries have tightened preventive measures.

The British strain has so far been confirmed in over 20 European countries. According to current findings, this version of the new coronavirus is no more dangerous.