Monday , September 26 2022

Slovenia will really play in HUMAN GARDEN! Kek asked to move to Maribor? Now is CLEAR ALL!


In recent days, some Slovenian press has revealed the news that the new Slovenian coach, Matjaž Kek, should have returned to the bank in Slovenia provided that at least part of his matches are resumed at Ljudski vrt. Obviously, during Kek's first mandate in Slovenia's national team, the football at the Maribor Temple was the one in which Slovenia achieved great success and qualified for the South African World Championship.

Kek really conditioned his return to the People's Garden? "For the first time, we met with the President of the Slovenian National Assembly on October 23, when we finished the story in Croatia. We met near Maribor, but only because the NZS Executive Committee was there." (Laughter) in a very short time, I totally agreed. A quick and unexpected departure from Rijeka dragged me with obligations until I managed to get to one side, I could not start the other. The decision to lead Igor Benedejčič in the last two league games of the national teams was the goal. with Norway and Bulgaria,"the new Slovenian coach began to answer.

"As far as the negotiations are concerned, there were not any: there were no conditions on my part. The President also worked on the financial side as an NHS and we insisted on talking about all the issues, also playing in Maribor, led by a positive atmosphere that was present during my first term, I think the least important is the place where the matches are played, or else: I think it is important to play there because it will be a positive atmosphere " Kek goes on.

"Of course, you need to get a positive atmosphere to win with a relationship with the correct approach of the national jersey." After the first meeting, I had another meeting with Mr Mijatović in 10 days, in which 99% agreed. less clear all " concluded Matjaž Kek.

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