Saturday , February 27 2021

Slowly, the contemporary chamber music festival

The members of the renowned Slowind wind band, from 6 to 20 November, at the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, are organizing the contemporary chamber music festival. It will be conceived and realized as a great celebration of the twentieth edition of the Slowind Festival, which has annually enriched Slovenian and international cultural space. composer Nina Shank, the artistic director of this year's festival, designed a six-way festival program as a celebration of a period when the Slovenian audience, through Slowind's window, entered the world of contemporary music.

Among the major novels of this year are the powerful representation of live composers, who are now more daring and courageous than their male counterparts who penetrate into a new way of contemporary music. The first evening evening concert at 19.00 will introduce a conversation with the artistic director Nina Šenk. At the concert at 20, Slowinda and his friends will make two important pieces, after a few short compositions, the compositions are horizontal / vertical Olge Neuwirth and Gaugalon for the street theater of the Korean poet Debug Chin.

The concert will be led by a young conductor Jera Petriček Hrastnik. At 22.30 announces a new night concert, which Slowind will be with friends at the concert Guillaume Dufay from the perspective of our time, he played Dufay's Renaissance musical performances under the piano of composer Isabel Mundry. At the third concert on November 7, the Jack Quartet will appear Klemen Leben; On November 13th, they will host Klangforum Wien, where Slowind will enter on November 15th. The closing concert of November 20 will bring the compositions written by the Slovenian composers for Slowind after the order of the ensemble.

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