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The book index also contains a dictionary password that explains the address choice. The author menažerija is first of all the first meaning: a collection of wild, exotic, extravagant, wonderful animals. Photo: JSKD

Eva Markun

Eva Markun was born in 1990 in Bled. A student of French language and philosophy at Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts began writing stories for the first time in a literary circle in the gym. She writes stories that start from a phrase, an event, and "she does not want to say anything, but she feels the last touch she wants the story to say." Photo: JSKD

Menagerie is a collection of eight short stories

November 21, 2018, at 14:15
Ljubljana – MMC RTV SLO, STA

This year's award-winning book for best debut is a collection of stories menagerie, in which Eva Markun presents a herd of "wild, exotic, miraculous animals".

Menažerija, published by the JSKD publishing house, brings eight prose texts to the space of events between the Slovenian countryside and Cambodia. "The perseverance and authenticity that the writer imparts to the stories placed on the countryside of Slovenia are no less when the narrative leads us to the Asian jungle. Thus, for those who are abroad, after all, it is even a feeling that we read of the translation of a top author coming from the area in question " writes in the explanation of the prize.

The author, literally moving between the novel and the short story, proved to be an excellent narrator with a tense sense of language and detail. The award ceremony will take place on Friday evening at the stage of the writer.

Characters of writers are, after explanation, complex, psychologically complemented and skilled, whether they are pregnant women who are under the pressure of the patriarchal environment, for an Asian boy who delivers his own drug with a dependent mother, a Buddhist news or a manipulating husband , who thinks so intelligently, believes in himself.

The game "on the border between natural and cultural"
But the protagonists and the story space to the story change, Eva Markun surely ensures that Menažerija remains a compact, internal book. Texts can be seen from the perspective of its umbrella theme: intertwining the vague boundaries between natural and cultural. "This game is never designed in the same way or with a similar narrative strategy, but it always has an additional symbolic dimension. All of this is written in a pure, suggestive and flexible style, adorned with rich and original metaphors and luxurious treasure , terminological terminology, especially in the field of biology " the committee that formed it was written Maja Sucur, Goran Dekleva and Denis Škofič.

This is not the first reward for administrators. It has already been awarded at the festival with short stories Novo mesto short organized by the publishing house Goga, where the best short-lasting collection of the previous year was proclaimed. The prize was awarded by a professional jury composed of members of the Association of Slovenian Literary Critics.

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