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The most successful Kopitar night of this season


In the 23rd edition of the season, the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Team scored an eighth victory.

On the home ground, Kings 5-2 beats Edmonton, a Slovenian player

Anchors Kopitar

He contributed three points to victory. At the beginning of the last third he scored a significant goal for the 3: 2 lead but he was also a two-goal carrier

Dustina Brown.

The latter scored three times in return and a goal was added

Matt Luff,

He was exactly 27 seconds before the end of the match, where his team was behind 1: 2. The guests contributed to both goals

Alex Chiasson,

almost scored in front of a very good home-keeper

Calvin Peterson,

who defended 32 photos of the contestants.

Despite Peterson's excellent defense, he also prevented Edmonton celebrity several times

Connor McDavid,

who was impressed by independent campaigns, was the best player of the Slovenian national team match. He did not have such a long disposition, he was impressed with penetration and enthusiasm. Already in the eighth minute, after a penetration, Browne awoke well, which was not difficult to push the tile into the net. The same players were also the equalizer for 2: 2 when Hrušič found a good match on the right, but he did not hesitate to shoot. Kopitar and Brown could have brought their team in the first third after a little more luck, but guests after Browne's shot, which the Slovenian made again, saved the crossbar.

An excellent performance was the king's captain, crowned with a goal in the last third, when he escaped the defense of the match and shook the net. "

My attacking troika was very moody today. I think the match was decided today and have not been so accurate for us for a long time "

Brown was pleased after the game, reaching the third goal in an empty net, just as Luff a few moments later. Kings are still the weakest team in the penultimate league. Louis approached two points.

The new winner also recorded the most successful teams in the Nashville and Tampa League, Predators defeated Anaheim 5-2, and the Florida team was also home with the same result as New Jersey. Like Brown, in Los Angeles, he was efficient at Nashville

Austin Watson,

who wrote his first "hat trick" in his career. The predators played his rivals and a little less was Tampe's advantage in fighting the devil, mainly because the winner was saved in the first half of the game, after 29 minutes was already 5: 1 at the traffic light.

The only winning victories were the Calgary hockey players, Arizona beat 6: 1 but took care of a very rare thing, which scored three goals with an ice-free player, and Calgary managed for the third time in history. Two times they entered the shooter

Noah Hanifin


Mark Jankowski.

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