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This happened to the Metelkova firefighter in Ljubljana

The Ljubljana District Court is a 25-year-old boy who burned Jalla Jalla club in the Ljubljana Autonomous Cultural Zone, Metelkova (AKC) club, sent for compulsory treatment in a psychiatric institution in June this year.

The Prosecutor's Office accuses 25 years of general danger because on June 6, around 3:15, a fire broke out at the entrance to Jalla Jalla restaurant on Metelkova. On the wooden floor was litter, including plastic. The fire spread and destroyed the bar and covered the roof of a neighboring building.

The expert in the psychiatric profession, Branko Brinšek, found that the defendant was inaccurate at the time of the crime because of personality disorder and drug addiction. The court could not impose a sentence of imprisonment and, as proposed by the Prosecutor's Office, was sent to psychiatric treatment and care in the health institution.

"I want to change my life and myself. I will be treated and done everything to save the drugs and everything that comes with me"

according to Delo's statement in court on Thursday, 25 years said.

Judge Martin Jančar heard the defendant in front of the verdict. He also heard an expert in the psychiatric profession and a representative of the victims of the Jalla Jalla club, Andreja Boršič. The 25-year-old said he wanted to cause minor damage to the doors. As he said, he was mad at the store's tenants.

"But when the fire spread in the bar, the panic was caught by me, I did not even have a phone call with me, and I left the place in the direction of the first inn to call the police"

according to Delo, the accused was accused.

Metelkova | Author: Boštjan Tacol

Boštjan Tacol

Before the measure was pronounced, three injured parties also came to court, who had already given up their assets and had legal pre-claims. The biggest damage worth 50,000 euros was borne in the Jalla Jalla Club, where the fire destroyed everyone. According to Boršič, they want to be healed or seek help for the accused. At the same time, according to newspapers, he warned that the 25-year-old threatened them before the fire. Among other things, he threatened with cold weapons.

According to Chancellors, the defendants returned to Metelkova for two days after the fire when they were released from a psychiatric clinic. At that time, he broke that fire had burned and threatened to kill them.

The victim's representative accepted the excuses for everything he did. The District Judge put it in his heart to take into account the fact that the injured parties forgave a very large sum that they could claim and respect their wishes and would return to Metelkova only when he was 100% there will be no conflict situations, inform the media.

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