Friday , March 31 2023

(TOTAL LIST) I discovered a fake evening!


I knew where to look. The Chief Editor of Dinner has a work of art "Hotel Maribor on the Main Square" presented by Saša Arsenovič. Only a few people know he's hiding hidden for this image. And I went into it Sunday night on Monday despite the fact that it was made by a renowned company, Rade Koncar. And the content – expected. So today we can reveal and confirm what the supporters of the current and former mayors scream on the Internet: Večer began to support the candidate for mayor Sašo Arsenovič. Today we reveal all lies Media Corporation Evening.

1. Complaints about conducting public opinion polls. They keep. Surely, I found a suitable survey, which Večer did not want to publish (just to look at the poll published today!). So, we are uncensored and thawed, we publish this text. Now it is quite clear that by placing Franz Kangler as the first priority, Večer wants to activate the electorate that does not always support our most successful farmer. For voters to come to the polls and vote for Arsenovici. The real survey suggests that I would easily win in the first round. If Vecer had published this initial poll, Arsenov's voters would stay at home because he would have thought he would "win anyway."

2. Journalists work for Arsenovich. Wait. The projects I took out of the vault show that those journalists covering the local elections slept in Hotel Maribor for a few weeks and ate in the Rožmarin restaurant. The orders found in the vault also indicate that the responsible editor and editor of the Maribor pages meet with Arsenovic in secret locations every day throughout the News. We can only guess what they do in these meetings … Do the strategies work? Are blue envelopes on tables? Is it true that Arsenovici offered a finger and Večer took his whole hand? Well, that's not all. Evening journalist responsible for social life in Maribor is mentioned only with the initials of D. Ž. He will only have to publish the pages of Saša Arsenovič on the pages of the Socialist Chronicle and publish the texts about him. Arsenovič will be a permanent columnist on the economic sites in Večer.

Discover the contents of the vault that is hidden behind the Maribor Hotel artwork

3. After the choice of Arsenovič, the evening awaits numerous benefits. Wait. The chief editor's papers show that all journalists received a 70% discount in Oliver's village, Arsenov's former company. Even more scandalous are other things I took from the vault. Documents show that Arsenovič pledged to buy and reopen at least Račka, who holds Dinosaur, immediately after the elections. Well, that's not all. In early 2019, Evening's office will be moved to Old Radio on Koroška Street, which Arsenovič recently bought. In return for a smaller rent and other benefits, the evening will require the closure of the Koroška road with a series of articles to allow journalists to go to work and dine at the nearby Maribor hotel without fear.

4. Miscellaneous. Wait. Everything about the links between Večer and Arsenovič was written by the media and highly reputed individuals such as Bojan Pozar and Mitja Kotnik as they are. Everything they write is true.

This is probably the last number of the Totem sheet. Because I discovered the Evening.

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